The first half of 2007 I was mostly a zombie due to double studies and part time work. It can be exciting to subject oneself to such challenges every now and then, in order to get a glimpse of how one really functions. Despite lack of spare time I still managed to squeeze in some trips and camera play though:


When the mind is deep into some sort of physiology, the interesting surroundings is the worst enemy. Close up of the kitchentable and the clinical study rooms at the hospital, taken with Martin's camphone.




Odense harbour on the way up to Fyns Hoved in January.


One January morning this was the view from the kitchen.


Me and Tobias in the living room. En MAZZA data II. One weekend, beer and c64 hacking.


Photos of Copenhagen from March 1st. The first one is of the Tivoli and the one with the four twined dragons from 1625 is of the old stock exchange, Børsen, at Slotsholmen.