Sankt Lars Hospital is the name of an old mental institution, which lies in a park in the St.Lars area in southern Lund. Up until 1910 the area of St.Lars also housed Lunds Asylum for patients considered incurable. In order to make a long story short, the psychiatric care in Sweden has gone through a number of reforms and these days patients are seen differently upon and thus handed accordingly. In 2007 the ones that stand no chance of maintaining the slightest remainders of what could be recognised as human life have to organise meetings by themselves in an old pigsty located between the Centre for Chemistry and Chemical Engineering (Kemicentrum) and a barn for horses, and the horses' human girls. It's luckily not too far away from the leading university hospital in southern Sweden. It is a fantastic chance to witness the most primitive and rudimentary forms of carbon clustering and biological metabolism and it was made available in late March and early April this year. I had the chance to attend, and this is my story. (part of my text from the partyreport in the reknowned c64 disk-magazine)


Mogwai was the c64 doctor at St.Lars meeting III. And someone even brought Atlas Shrugged.


Since we left Umeå, Alva has been missing a spot for looking out. Thanks to a wooden box she is now the constant eye of the square beneath.


Behind the oldest Rum house of Flensburg.