The first half of my autumn 2006 was characterised by goodbyes and hellos. I left Umeå to move back together with Mimmi whom had moved to Odense in January. We also emptied and got rid of the flat in Malmö. When in Odense, we of course had to get something bigger as it was quite cramped, two persons and a dog, in a small loft apartment.


The last photographs taken in Carlshem, Umeå. This is where I started my medical studies and made several good friends. I badly missed having no spring when living there though, as they seem to omit that season that far up north.


1300 kilometres on the road. Alva comforting herself with ice cream and the passing of Älvkarleby.


Saying good bye to creative Möllevången where I have spent lots of time ever since my time in upper secondary school. The flat at Bergsgatan me and Mimmi once traded for our first one at Simrishamnsgatan. Photos from the square, our yard, the flat and the roof. The latter ones together with Pär whom still is spending his time in the area.