The final fotosession of the autumn-trip starts out on the train towards Zagreb in the middle of October 2004.


a woman in the trainstation in Zagreb showed very good in communicating without a common spoken language


entering the beautiful small country south of Austria, Slovenia


the capital of Slovenia, Ljubljana, October 2004


a bit funny as the last three cities on the sign are swedish (roughly 1250 km/775 miles away), whereas the other ones are as far as we understood, slovenian. Kristofer posing on the coach station in central Ljubljana


the Prague underground in November 2004


on the lookout for absinthe


the last photo is of the Prague tv-tower that was started to be built under the communist government in 1985, but not finished until after the revolution in 1992. I knew it existed as I had visited it six years or so earlier, but it took us hours and hours to find it. This despite its height


tomorrow heading home, Prague, November 2004


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