I took autumn 2004 off in order to travel and broaden my views. The journey started in Scotland. Great thanks to all friends that gave me a crashpad during the trip.


in the air, between Göteborg and Prestwick, September 2004


Hitachi, but in Glasgow? September 2004


private yard. no parking. Hidden behind the modern facade.


modern dinosaurs in the city. Glasgow, September 2004


..one of them seems to be curious.


time flies, and not only at the coach station in Glasgow.


Aberdeenshire, where I stayed at a friend's house far from the city. I believe the peak to the left is Mither Tap. Last day of September 2004


..which is of course where I went trekking. The site has pictish ruins and was occupied between 1000BC and 1000AD with at least two sets of defences


the beautiful city of Edinburgh. October 2004


the face. Royal Botanic Gardens, Edinburgh.


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