waking up early dawn on the train in Turkey, approaching Istanbul a.k.a Constantinople, Bysans, or as in viking tounge: Miklagård.


a gigantic city with a laid-back pace, at least during Ramadan. Istanbul, November 2004


on the strait of Bosphorus is where east meet west


a leaning ship on the waterside made good climbing possibilities


a bit embarrasing, but this was actually my first visit to a Mosque ever. The beauty was marvellous and the athmosphere respectful


the trainride from Istanbul to Budapest took 37 hours. This is the bridge over the river Danube which is running through Wienna, Bratislava, Budapest and Belgrade before entering the Black Sea


the city of Budapest in Hungary in November 2004. The second photo is a bus-stop, but we did not manage to figure out how it was used. It is followed by a statue that has now been placed in the communist museum in the outskirts of Budapest. The last photo is that of the river Danube dividing Buda and Pest


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