Jotunheimen, The Home of the Giants, Norway in July 2004


Mariestad's Old Town, July 2004


Hitachi at Möllevångstorget in Malmö


Ringleholm, Summer 2004


view over Möllevångstorget, from my apartment in Malmö


we live in a modern world, LCP in Linköping, August 2004


at the beach in Malmö, August 2004


cloudwatching, August 2004


Lolland in Denmark, August 2004


Roskilde in Denmark, August 2004. Parts of the dome was built already in the 12th century. The Fjord is where the norse once came to attack


Lund in Sweden, once danish and equally as old as Roskilde and Odense. And Sigtuna and Trondheim. The last photo is on the dome


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