In late March 2005, my brother, me and his father went to the Shetland Islands north of Scotland in the Nordic Sea. Reaching remote areas such as the Shetlands is today not a problem. One can imagine though, what impact the lack of communication with the rest of the world must have played in characterizing the community in the past. The history of Shetland is very much the one of the people that inhabited it, and that happens to have been Norsemen. Much later, during the 2nd World War, the norweigan resistance was led via radio from here.


the busride from Prestwick to Aberdeen where I saw a friend the day before I met up with my travel companions


leaving Aberdeen harbour. The home of many offshore companies


the trip on the ferry took all night


Lerwick, the capital of Shetland Islands. The name, as most here, has nordic origin


literally living next to the vast ocean


meeting spring on the Shetland Islands, in the middle of the gigantic blue Atlantic


my brother Anders