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Little Computer People 2003 (July 25th ‘til July 27th)

- A personal party report that could be called a report from the first ever c64
LAN-party. Brought to you by the guy with the C= on his skateboard,

After a long, boring and hot Friday on the job that took this summer away, me
and Oxidy/wrath met up at my place to get going towards the party. After a lot
of laid back talking and listening to mainly Icelandic post rock we arrived in
the city of Linkoping, where the event was to take place. We were both visiting
LCP for the first time and had of course built up expectations, especially as
the list of “people who can’t resist” had grown longer and longer during the
summer. It seemed like there would be more people paying visit than we had seen
on our frequent visits on the stunning Floppy-parties in Helsingborg.

After driving around quite some time in the industrial area close to the city
center (!), trying to find a way to reach the place (we knew where it was, but
we didn’t know how to get there by car), we finally reached the gates of the
fence surrounding “Skylten”. Sceners were all over and when we were greeted by
them fellow c64-nerds on the staircase we knew we had come home. Entering the
house with all the machines playing different tunes in a lovely mess me and
Oxidy found a spot to put our things and then we split up to handshake, hug and
socialize with friends.

On the bigscreen people were playing IK+ and Hattrick and on the staircase I
heard rumours about the release of new hardware. But my day had started early
and after a long workday plus after several hours in a car I soon had to call it
a day. I drank a few folk-beers (the Swedish phenomena) with Zzap69/NoName but
soon enough I found my way to the sleeping hall where I had to fill my air-
mattress lungs-wise.

Next morning I woke up after a full night’s sleep, which is a rare thing on
these events. The sleeping area was unbelievably quiet, which more people had
realized. Surrounding the spot where I crashed loads of other sceners had
gathered on all different kinds of sleeping-material. Jucke/G*P had brought an
inflatable island which looked (and really was!) cozy. In the party area drowsy
people were either using their computers or watching old cartoons on the big
screen. Me and a few others went off to the supermarket to get something to
munch on. Amongst the groceries I met a German-speaking fellow:
Slator/onslaught. This party had attracted Germans, Danes and Norwegians besides
the Swedish people, an unusual thing these days.

In the party place more people had started to wake up, perhaps due to the
oldskool semi-erotic films showed on the screen. A few groups had gathered to
make sure they got their demos ready in time. I remember The Gang was working
pretty hard on a piece of something that must have missed the deadline. A few of
us decided to dedicate something to Zyron/F4CG, because he is a nice geezer and
because he looked just like a famous American actress when he was a teenager
(not everything has to make sense).

Some time on Saturday Twoflower and Iopop of Triad held a really interesting
lecture on the scene history between 1986 and 1993, with focus on the eighties.
For me that was a good piece of something as during quite a while in my early
teens, before I entered the scene, I lived with warez from that time up to the
beginning of the nineties. For a long time, before I got contact with the active
scene, I believed it had died back then. Hearing about all them old Cracking
Crews in many ways, for me, was like hearing the history of my family.

Trident/Active’s Contiki was demonstrated with individual computers new network
interface card (for the retro replay) creating a network between three c64-
computers. Because of this I believe this makes LCP2003 something like the first
c64 LAN-party ever (horror or delight? but just imagine beating some pc-gamer
using the good old breadbox). Another hardware that was demonstrated was the
TRUT64 by some fellows in Hack n’trade. It allows one to use a Datasette on a

As it got darker outside the deadline for the demos approached us. To get the
time going for what we all was waiting for a tournament of Shake ‘Em II. The
five-player joystick wiggle compo was won by Thezulk. Me and Zzap69 went out
with sore hands to amble around in the city center to get something to eat
before the demo competition, which of course was delayed (due to the laws of
nature). After a veggieburger I was all set.

Back in the party house things were getting there. Everyone gathered around the
big screen, ready to see the DATA. Papers and pens were handed out in order to
jot down notes to be used in the voting program after the compo. The air was
filled with c64love and the craziness was let loose.

It is hard to describe a democompo. Either you know what it is all about or you
don’t. I am sure everyone in front of that big screen enjoyed the demos as much
as I did (the results will follow in the end of the text). Afterwards we were
all in the post-compo state, discussing the releases. When I had found a c64 on
which I could vote I found my way back to my inflatable crash pad.

The next day (Sunday) was the last partyday. Everyone got ready to get back to
real life. The weekend was over. Big bags were filled with disks and computers
and either dragged to a car or to the train station. The final face to face chat
for another half year took place and hangovers were cured. With the words of
Yaemon/dmd whom woke up just in time for LCP after 11 years of alienation from
the scene: “The C64 scene is alive and kicking!”

jonatan “macx” forsberg, august 24th 2003


01. Emanation Machine /Fairlight
02. Expectations 3 /Wrath Designs
03. Legends Never Die /Fairlight
04. Bunny /M&M/Creators
05. Note #001 /Poison
06. Hellfork /Active
07. Pushing Bits II /CMP
08. Burtraesk /Afrika
09. Tack Edvin /Ecion
10. Up In Smoke 3 /Swappaz With Attitude
11. Zyron I Farten /Coders With Attitude

01. "Rebel" by Mermaid/Creators/Crest
02. "Blue in Green" by Twoflower/Triad & Zyron
03. "Cheeseball" by Poison/Oneway
04. "Tilted" by Oxidy/Wrath Designs
05. "Formido" by Blackdroid/Wrath Designs
06. "Ompo" by Zealot/wrath Designs
07. "Guur" by Nisse/The Gang
08. "How I Like It" by Skyhawk/Laxity

01. "Sptest03" by Trident/Active
02. "Mogne Molnar" by YK&ULT/Defiers
03. "Dragonclaw" by Mermaid/CTR & G.Hultink
04. "Another" by Maktone/Fairlight
05. "Something Broke" by Zyron/F4CG
06. "LCP8580" by TDS/Creators
07. "Green Tomato" by Zzap69/Noice/NoName
08. "Nostalgicliebe" by Yaemon/DMD
09. "The Crypt" by Duck Hunter/Creators

non-compo releases:
"Speed" by Onslaught, Shape & Creators
"Ghost Escapes Body" by Blues Muz'
"Attitude #6" by Oxyron