- The Gubbdata Manifesto -

Written by Jonatan "Macx" FG and David "hedning" A in spring 2011. Hedning wishes to credit Vanja "Mermaid" U for motivational input.
Published in the c64 disk magazine Vandalism News #56.

1. We are geezers with old computers.

2. Amidst the chaotic ever-changing surroundings we let the blue screen be lit and thus receive strength to continue carry the banner.

3. The Commodore 64 is a bastion, and like a lighthouse on a stormy sea, it keeps pace with our hearts throbbing.

4. A kalsong is too often washed and changed, whereas gubb is the prefix to be used when something is constantly there. Kalsongdata is our friend, but Gubbdata never changes.

5. The future lies in our history. Preservation is creation.

6. We accept that the outside world is not to be trusted. We will have to build our own fortress to rely on for when we are getting old.

7. Gubbdata is not a bright future of absolute hedonism, Gubbdata is a good enough future.

8. Gubbdata, just as life in general, has both good sides and bad sides.

9. If tolerance means appreciating stupidity and that the lowest common is what declares the shared culture, we are not tolerant. Welcome into the wardrobe.

10. Embrace your inner old person. Never let a youthful appearance stop you from nurturing your wrinkly soul with the nectar of Gubbdata.

11. Never care about what is modern. By withholding your style in a nice old fashioned way you will be modern every 20 year anyhow.

12. Gubbdata is always seeking restoration of lost connections, and the revival of old computers.

13. The term Gubbdata should evoke a wide variety of associations, from the reactionary to the radical and progressive. When future humanity looks back at our time of conflict between Gubbdata and the never ending fascination for the most modern hardware, it will see through the mist of time and sense the pillars of Gubbdata still standing firmly among the crumbled ruins of our time. In this sense Gubbdata is both realistic and sober.

14. Gubbdata helps us build a better yesterday.

15. Pipe tobacco is the finest form of tobacco. It can be smoked whilst enjoying the palate of a Single Malt Whisky or a Cognac. Hand laboured craftmanship is art.

16. The principle of Gubbdata will make you see further and clearer than anyone else - not because you are better, but because you have the privilege to stand on the shoulders of tradition.

17. Gubbdata seeks the Fountain of Old Age.

18. Gubbdata is because you can not run from the past with a walking frame.

19. Gubbdata is our inner core of flesh and blood, whereas Kalsongdata is our jacket.

20. If "children of fathers who were Commodore sceners" is formed, the legacy of Gubbdata will continue beyond ourselves.

Homo Senilis Vincit!